Best places to spend Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas is coming to town. Have you got any plan to travel for this holiday yet?

So why not try to spend your Christmas in Vietnam – a Southeast Asia Country. Let’s take a look at Vietnam’s best destinations that you may be interested in.

1. Ho Chi Minh city –  The busiest city in Vietnam – The unsleeping city

Ho Chi Minh city
Ho Chi Minh city (Source: Internet)

Ho Chi Minh city is one the best places to go in Vietnam. In early December, Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon‘s streets will be decorated with colorful Christmas and New Year items. Christmas songs will also be turned on in somewhere to create the Christmas atmosphere. At night, all of Saigon streets are more bright and colorful with the stunning lights, which attract a lot of visitors.

Best places to spend in Ho Chi Minh city such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Pink Cathedral, commercial center malls or Bui Vien Walking Street. These places are very popular with foreign visitors. There is also a "Countdown" festival at night that you can join to welcome a Merry Christmas and warm New Year season with citizens.


2. Ha Noi – The heart of the country

Christmas in Hanoi
The Turtle Lake, Hanoi (Source: @turbojed)

In contrast with Ho Chi Minh city, the weather in Ha Noi is colder. That’s why visitors can easily feel the Christmas atmosphere. Unlike most of Western nations where Christmas is the time for family members gathering, local people here would prefer to flock to the city center to admire festive atmosphere.  

The Big Cathedral and Ham Long Church or 36 Hanoi Old Quarters and shopping mall in city center which are decorated with confetti, brilliant lanterns and sparkling lights, pine tree and snowman, are popular places to visit in Hanoi for Christmas night with local citizens. Besides that, there is also a popular corner with foreigners which called “foreign street”- Ta Hien.  Ta Hien includes many bars and restaurants where guests can sit on the pavement without obstruction, chatting with friends and enjoying some delicious desserts.


3. Hoi An – The ancient town of Vietnam

Hoi An ancient town
Hoi An ancient town (Source: vietnamguide)

Hoi An is one of the most popular travel destinations in Vietnam. It located in central of Vietnam, about 30 Km from Da Nang city to Hoi An. Visitors will be impressed by many unique architecture from zigzag roads, curved roof covered in moss color to street vendors.

At Christmas and New Year night, almost visitors pour out the road to enjoy a view, ramble and join in jubilant, animated crowd. Then you should join in that. Spending Christmas in such gentle and peaceful place like Hoi An will be an unforgettable experience in your life.


4. Ha Long Bay – The World Heritage UNESCO Site

Christmas in Ha Long BayHa Long Bay (Source:

Ha Long Bay is always selected as the best destination to visit in the North by tourists. This Bay is one of 7 wonders of nature, recognized 2 times by UNESCO. Filled with stunning nature, wild landscape and the rich culture of the fishing village, the destination easily satisfies all types of tourists. It’s much better to take a boat to a much more remote part of Halong bay for better view. This would be an exciting adventure.

Welcoming Christmas in Halong, you can both be sunk in sparkling lights, lively music and go through greatly romantic and sweet moments of winter. In the breath of cool air, when the cold slip into every mantle, the emotion spilled over after you know that Christmas has coming.


5. Nha Trang – The city with many beautiful beaches

Nha Trang
Nha Trang city (Source: Vntrip)

Nha Trang is a tropical paradise with sun light and best beaches in Vietnam. It would be absolutely a worth choice for a relaxing Christmas holiday. At Christmas night, thousands of people will gather to 2-4 Square to enjoy the lively music program. You can take a walk along this square to join the show or can visit the Tram Huong Tower (Lotus Tower) – a symbol of Nha Trang.

On the crowded street or city mall, lantern, pine tree and snowman templates will be decorated to make Christmas atmosphere and for people to take picture with and even you will see some “real” Santa Claus presents gifts to people freely.


6. Da Lat – The city of love and Flower

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Da Lat
St. Nicholas Cathedral, Da Lat (Source: Internet)

As a city on highland, Da Lat is a good place for you to feel the cold of winter and Christmas atmosphere.  With fresh air, beautiful landscapes and the myth of romantic love, Dalat is always an attractive place to tourists any season. They can relax, appease the soul and free the mind to peace with nature, earth and sky.

Visitors would see the red color of Trang Nguyen flower (Poinsettia Flower) – a symbol of Christmas – spreads over the main streets. People usually gather to famous church such as Domaine, Cam Ly and St. Nicholas Cathedral or city center like Da Lat’s market to hang out with their family or their friends. You can go around this market to enjoy Vietnamese street food.

In addition, Valley of Love, Xuan Huong Lake, Crazy House and Strawberry gardens are popular places to visit in Da Lat. Da Lat is very popular with homestay or hostel service. These accommodations would be a new adventure for people who love backpacking tourism.


7. Sapa – The city in clouds

Foggy Sapa (Source: sapajadehillresort)

Sapa is even colder than Da Lat. This is an ideal place for who love the cold weather and want to see snow because Sapa is foggy city and usually has snowfall in winter. This would be an interesting experience for who has seen snow before.  

People often celebrate Christmas at the biggest and most famous ancient stone church of Sapa that designed according to unique Europe architecture, definitely make you feel as though you were standing in somewhere of France. Hence, your emotion as well as Christmas and New Year atmosphere will become more enjoyable and fascinating. Besides that, with its romantically picturesque landscape, tourists will be fascinated and do not want to leave Sapa…


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