How to get from Hanoi to Halong bay ?

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Ha Long Bay which is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in Vietnam, recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place of interest is regarded as the masterpiece of nature due to its magnificient and marvelous landscape surrounding by limestone islets and blue water.

Ha Long Bay ( Source: internet)


However, the distance from t to is over 165 kms (Google), this makes visitors encounter many difficulties in moving, especially the ones coming to for the first time. Therefore, to solve this problem, Dichungtaxi will give you the lastest information about “How to get from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay”.

Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay  : 165 km


There are 4 main ways to go from the Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay:
> Taxi/ Private car
> Shuttle Bus
> Coach
> Motorbike

Taxi/ Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long

 Taxi or a private car will give you a direct journey and more space of privacy especially traveling with a long distance from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay ( over 3hours). It suits with flexible travelers who don’t like to follow any rules or schedules. The price of some famous taxi brands such as Mai Linh, Thanh Cong, ABC ranging from $43-$57 which depends on your pick up locations and the type of car you choose. Here are the taxi brand information

  • Mai Linh Group: (203) 3 628 628

  • Thanh Cong: (024) 32 575 757

  • ABC: (024) 37 191 919

Mai Linh T​​​​axi ( Source: Internet)


Besides this, from May 2016 visitors can use cheap airport taxi –airport service of DichungTaxi.

Intercity Transfer Taxi

Private car (taxi)

Sedan 3 people




SUV 5 people




Minivan 12 people




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Information about Vehicles:

– Sedan or Vios :      3 people      &       3 luggages + handbags
– SUV or Innova:       5 people     &       5 luggages + handbags
– Minivan :                12 people    &       16 luggages + handbags

DichungTaxi Intercity Transfer Da Nang – Ba Na Hills includes:

[ENG] English Driver (Beginner level)
15 Minutes waiting time at pick-up
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Shuttle Bus from Ha Noi to Ha Long 

As the main customers of the shuttle bus are foreign tourists, it offers more comfort and convenience for them. It is usually small high-quality bus including Ford Transit, Limousine Bus which have from 9 to 16 seats. It will take less time to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay than going by coach, about 3 – 3.5 hours cause there is only about 15 minutes for the passengers to go to the toilet.

Here are some shuttle bus brand:

  • Minh Anh Limousine: (+84) 977 719 666  Address: in Hanoi: Alley 11 Duy Tan Str, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi , in Quang Ninh: Group 5, Region Tan Lan 3, Cam Thuy Ward, Cam Pha Dist, Quang Ninh
  • Cua Ong Limousine: 1900 565 685 Address: in Hanoi: 72A Nguyen Trai Str, Thanh Xuan Dist, Hanoi, in Quang Ninh: Cua Ong Ward, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Minh Anh Limousine


Coach from Ha Noi to Ha Long 

In all countries, coach along with public transports are the most popular and convenientways to move between distanced places. Another reason for it to become everyone’s favorite transportation is its cheap price, and it can make your trip much more comfortable and simpler also. 

The price for one way ticket can vary from US$ 3.5-7 depending on coach’s quality and size. However, it will take you 4 to 5 hours long. Once you find out the suitable coach, you just need to pick up your phone, call them and make a reservation.

Here are some Some Coach Providers Information:

  • Duc Phuc Coach: (+84) 979 065 168 Address: Tien Lang New Bridge, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
  • Kumho Viet Thanh : 1900 7075 Address: 20 Pham Hung Str, Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi

Duc Phuc Coach (Source: Internet)


Train from from Ha Noi to Ha Long

It also offers you a lovely view and the chance to blend in with local people. Getting to Halong Bay by train completely suitable for those people who love to learn the culture and observe the beautiful landscape during the trip. Especially, it’s pretty safe to go by train.

The journey is about 5-7 hours long. You can choose to depart from Yen Vien Station. The average price is approximately US$15/one-way ticket (single tourist) and US$10/one-way ticket (group tourist).

However, You may not find a train available on the day you want to go. If you do, there could be a last-minute cancellation

Motorbike from Ha Noi to Ha Long 

Renting a motorbike is the best ways for those who prefer to explore Vietnamese roads and discover a new culture during the journey. After having chosen the one will accompany you, the last step of the process is giving the owner the photocopy of your passport, the deposit, and the renting fee. The deposit and the renting fee is US$ 4-20/day respectively.

However, driving a motorbike have lots of disadvantage too because it requires you to have good health and driving skill. A bigger obstacle for you is when your bike breaks down and the chance that you can find a store to fix it is almost zero. Also, the weather will be another barrier to motorbike rider cause it would be bad experience to ride in the heavy rain. Therefore, using a motorbike to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay could be really dangerous for people having no experience. Easily getting lost is also one of the disadvantages. 

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