How to get from Hanoi to Sapa

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Sa Pa (Sapa) is one of the most attractive tourism destinations of Vietnam. Sapa is an incredibly mountainous town that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in northwestern Vietnam, known as “the Tonkinese Alps”.

Terraced fields in Sapa (Source: palmvietnamtravel)

To escape from Hanoi heat and city noise, people usually travel to Sapa to have different experience and enjoy the fresh air on this highland.

However, the distance from Hanoi to Sapa is about 300 kms (Google), this makes visitors encounter many difficulties in moving, especially the ones coming to for the first time.

Therefore, to solve this problem, Dichungtaxi will give you the lastest information about “How to get from Hanoi to Sapa”.

From Hanoi to Sapa
From Hanoi to Sapa : 300 km

There are 3 main ways to get to Sapa from Hanoi:
> Train
> Express Bus
> Motorbike

Train from Hanoi to Sapa

Train is one the best way to get to sapa from Hanoi. However, it’s quite expensive.

In addition, traveling by train takes about 8-9 hours and starts at Hanoi’s train station and only stops in Lao Cai, the province which Sapa belongs to. It then takes another hour to get to Sapa from Lao Cai station.

If you want to travel to Sapa by train, you can refer to these Sapa tourist trains:

  • Pumkin Express Train
  • Fanxipan Express Train
  • Victoria Express Train
  • King Express Train
  • Orient Express Train

There are two kind of train to Sapa: Overnight and daytime. Hanoi to Sapa train costs depending on the type, cabin of train and the brand of train that you choose.

Usually, the price of tickets is:

  • Ticket for Hanoi Sapa overnight train is $35-180/person/way (the most expensive one is Victoria express which is exclusively for in-house guests)
  • Ticket for daytime train is $10-20/person/way

Train to Sapa
Train to Sapa (Source: Internet)

Express Bus from Hanoi to Sapa

Express bus is possibly the fastest and the most convenient way to travel from Hanoi to Sapa. Traveling by bus is both fast and it goes direct to Sapa without stopping in Lao Cai as by train.

There are daily bus departing Hanoi at 6:30am or 10:00pm. One way trip takes betwen 6 and 7:00 hours. There are some travel agency you can contact such as:

  • Hai Van                        : 1900 6776
  • Sapa Express              : 024.668.21555
  • Hung Thanh Travel      : 1900 636512
  • Sao Viet                       : 0965 282828

Besides that, if you don’t want to negotiate on the bus fare, you can book online a taxi from the webiste of Dichungtaxi.

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From Hanoi City to Sapa Bus Fare

Intercity Taxi Transfer Price for one way: 350.000 VND/ person ($15,4)
Type of car Depart time

Pickup/ Dropoff place


Limousine 9 seats VIP

Xe hà nội sapa limousine 9 chỗ

Hanoi – Sapa: 6h30; 7h; 8h; 15h

Sapa – Hanoi: 08h00; 14h00; 14h30; 15h30

♦Hanoi: No. 16- Hang Chinh- Hoan Kiem – Hanoi; or at the hotels in Old Quarter, Hanoi

♦Sapa: No. 09 Kim Dong, Sapa Town or at the hotels in Sapa Town.

♦Customers have to complete booking and pay 100% for the trip  at least 3 days before departure.  

♦Any cancellation within 3 days prior to departure will not be refunded

Limousine 28 seats VIP

xe hà nội sapa limousine 29 chỗ

Hanoi – Sapa: 6h30

Sapa – Hanoi: 15h45

♦ Hanoi: No. 12 Ly Thai To

♦ Sapa: No. 02 Cau May, Sapa

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Motorbike from Hanoi to Sapa

For who likes backpacking tourism, you can also travel by motorbike from Hanoi to Sapa. You may have a chance to contemplate the mighty O Quy Ho Pass. This will be a very interesting experience.

O Quy Ho Pas
O Quy Ho Pass (Source: dulichsapalaocai)

Route: Hanoi – Hoa Lac – Son Tay – Thanh Son – Highway 32 – Sapa

However, when you follow the pass, it is better not to go too soon in the morning or too late in the evening because it will not be safe. Moreover, you should prepare necessary personal items for the best experience. 

If you’ve read this far, DichungTaxi hopes that you have found useful information for your arrival to Sapa. With package rates only from 350.000 VND/ person.


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