How to get from Vinh Airport to city center ?

Vinh Airport is about 7km from the center of Vinh City, about 15 – 20 minutes by motorbike or taxi. If you do not have a shuttle at the airport, you can take a taxi, bus or motortaxi to downtown Vinh or neighboring districts.

Từ sân bay Vinh về thành phố Vinh

Vinh Airport Taxi

Get out from Vinh airport, you can easily find many taxis waiting in line. Some taxi companies operate in Vinh airport such as Van Xuan Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, Song Lam Taxi, Taxi Vinh …

taxi sân bay vinh

One disadvantage that passengers may encounter is that some taxi drivers refuse to carry passengers because of short distance. Therefore, it is easy to catch a taxi, but sometimes there is such a situation. So if you need to travel a short distance and have very little baggage, it is more convenient to ride a motorcycle. If you have more luggage and need to take a taxi, do not worry  because not all taxi drivers refuse and this does not often happen.

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Motorbike taxi is very popular in Vinh city.  At the airport, you can easily catch a motorbike taxi. However, because motorbikes are not allowed to park in the airport area, you need to walk to the main road about 50m from the airport to catch one. Motorbike taxi prices in Vinh are usually around 7,000 VND/ km.

Note when you call a motorbike taxi: The motorbike driver will usually offer a high price, and you should negotiate a clear price with the driver to avoid paying more than the usual price. Usually, the price of motorbike taxi from the airport to downtown Vinh is about 50,000 VND.


Currently in Vinh, there is no airport bus-center bus. There are only a few bus routes through the airport, you can choose the bus with the route that suits you.

These bus routes from neighboring districts or neighboring provinces and vice versa, so it will be more suitable for those who have needs for remote locations and provincial districts near Vinh city. Bus will be very suitable for you want to go to Cua Lo Beach or visit Uncle Ho Hometown in Nam Dan. The bus passes through the road near the airport, usually located about 1-2km from the airport. So if you do not want to walk you can take a motorbike taxi to catch the bus.

Xe buýt qua sân bay Vinh

Bus routes through Vinh airport include:

Route 01: Ben Thuy – Cua Lo

Ben-hydro – Vinh University – Phuong Dong Hotel – Cho Vinh – Vinh Bus Station – Nguyen Sy Sach – Vinh Medical University – College of Pedagogy – Doors – Doors.

Route 02: Ben Thuy – Vinh Station – Cua Lo

Ben Thuy – Vinh University – Nguyen Van Troi – Phong Dinh Port – Le Hong Phong – Nguyen Thai Hoc – Vinh Bus Station – Vinh Train Station – Nguyen Trai – Vinh University 2 – Cua Lo.

Route 03: Ben Thuy – Nam Dan – Do Luong

Vinh City – National Highway 46 – Nam Giang Town – Do Township – Do Luong Town.

Route 04: Vinh – Hoang Mai

Vinh City – Quan Banh – Quan Hanh – Dien Chau – Cau-Giat – Hoang Mai.

Route 05: Vinh – Yen Thanh

Vinh City – Quan Banh – Quan Hanh – Cau Bung – Provincial Highway 538 – Yen Thanh Town.

Route 08: Vinh – Do Luong

Lenin Avenue – Nguyen Sy Sach – Nguyen Phong Sac – Phong Dinh Port – Nguyen Van Troi – Tran Phu – Le Duan – Quang Trung – Nguyen Trai – National Highway 1A – Dien Chau – Do Luong.

Route 26: Vinh – Thai Hoa

Provincial Road 535 – Le Viet Thuat – Nguyen Duy Trinh – Nguyen Viet Xuan – Phong Dinh-Port – Nguyen Du – Le Duan – Tran Phu – Quang Trung – Le Loi – Mai Hac De – Nguyen Trai – Highway 1 – The Highway No. 48 – Thai Hoa Town.

Route 23: Vinh – Thanh Chuong

New Polish Hospital – Le Nin Avenue – Nguyen Sy Sach – Old Polish Hospital – Nguyen Phong Sac – Nguyen Duy Trinh – Nguyen Viet Xuan – Phong Dinh Port – Vinh University – Cho Vinh – Phan Dinh Phung – Hung Nguyen Town – Hung Tan – Hung Thong – Yen Xuan New Bridge – Song Lam Road – Nam Dan Bridge – Nam Tan – Nam Loc – Thanh Lam – Thanh Giang – Thanh Long – Cau Ro – Highway 46 – Thanh Town Chapter and vice versa.

Route 28: Vinh – Yen Thanh

Petrol Station No. 37, Km3 + 00, 535 (Vinh City) – Tel 535 – Le Viet Thuat – Nguyen Phong Sac – Ton That Tung – Nguyen Gia Thieu – Phong Dinh Port – Nguyen Van Troi – Le Duan – Tran Phu – Quang Trung – Le Loi – Mai Hac De – Nguyen Trai – Highway 1 – Tel 534 – Yen Thanh Town and vice versa.

Hope this article has helped you choose the right vehicle to go from Vinh airport to the city or nearby places. wishes you a happy journey!

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