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    1. Introduction

    2. Main flight routes

    3. Flight procedures

3.1. What documents should bring to carry out airport procedures?

3.2.Time of procedure and notes

3.3.Luggage will be carried on board what?

3.4.Check-in at the airport.

3.5.Experience on board.

3.6. Procedure for luggage 

    4. Transport from Cam Ranh to Nha Trang

    5. Contact information Cam Ranh airport

1. Introduction
Cam Ranh airport is the civil airport of Khanh Hoa province and the southern central provinces. At the time of 2016, the airport received 4,858,362 visitors.

On 16 August 2007, the Government Office decided to upgrade Cam Ranh airport to become an international airport. Together with Tan Son Nhat airport and Noi Bai airport.

Where is Cam Ranh – Nha Trang Airport?

Located in the center of Cam Ranh peninsula, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa City, 30km from the south of Nha Trang city.

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2. Main Flights

Cac tuyen bay san bay Cam Ranh

 Cam Ranh Airport main flights ( Source: Internet )

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3. Cam Ranh Airport's luggage


3.1.  Paper required:

  • Flight tickets
  • Passport valid.
  • Visa (if required)
  • ID card, motorcycle driving license. Journalist … And if any child <14 years old should bring birth certificate.

Your paper should ensure that:

  • Correct user and valid.
  • Photographs must be stamped on the back of the birth certificate.

3.2. Time of procedure and notes:

  • Procedure time:
    • International flight: The check-in counter will open before 2.30 hours before take-off.
    • Domestic flights: Check-in counter is open before 2 hours before take-off.
  • Time for closing procedures:
    • International flight: The check-in counter will be closed 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
    • Domestic flight: The check-in counter will be closed 30 minutes before the scheduled time of flight.
  • If you are not present at the check-in counter, you will experience some of the following problems:
    • Tickets are not valid or refundable if the tickets are limited.
    • Passengers will have to contact the place and re-purchase the ticket and the passenger will have to pay the cost of changing tickets and the difference between the new ticket and the old ticket.
  • So pay attention to arrange on time to limit the problem is not worth.

3.3. What you can bring on board?

Your luggage is divided into two types:

  • Handbags: These are the things you can carry with you when you board a plane. You can wear it on a chair, under a chair. But you need to pay attention to the size and weight of this bag. But generally your wallet should not exceed 7kg and have a total of three dimensions not exceeding 115cm.
  • Checked Baggage: This is usually the clothes and supplies you prepare for the trip. These will be picked up at the cabin after the consignment and you will pick it up when landing at the next airport.
  • Dangerous items are forbidden to be carried on board: knives, including hunting knives and other knives, swords, swords, batons, tacks or similar items. An appliance or item that is not normally considered to be a dangerous item but may be dangerous depending on the purpose of use such as ice buckles, razors, scissors, hammers and pliers. Shipping as checked baggage except for items purchased at the duty free shop at the airport.
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry no more than 1 liter of liquid, with a capacity of no more than 100ml each and must be stored in a clear plastic bag as they may be opened or inspected by X- Optical security gate at the airport.

During the procedure, if you have any problems, please immediately notify the staff at the procedure room for solutions..

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3.4. Check-in at the airport.

– When you arrive at the airport, you will see the counters of the airlines in the DEPARTURE area. If it is time to check in, the ticket counter will be staffed. If your ticket is not available. Write seats, you need to arrive early to queue. Depending on the type of ticket you choose, you will be classified accordingly. And before going to the counter to complete the procedure you may have to go through the checkpoints. control.

– When completing the procedure, you will need an air ticket, ID card or passport and may need your phone number if required by the staff at the counter. Tell the checked baggage officer that the weight and size of the check are valid.

– Upon completion of the procedure at the airport, you will be reimbursed for airline tickets, related documents, boarding passes and tickets for the corresponding baggage. The boarding pass includes a waiting room address. Where you will be present before boarding the plane, the time of the waiting room is open, the number of seats on your plane. And do not forget to keep the baggage carefully to be able to get the luggage sent when landing.

3.5. Experience on boarding

– After the procedure has been completed, the airline staff will appear in the waiting room by plane. The passenger will have a high ticket, followed by the disabled, then the person with the children. The other people in turn go in or the airline staff will call at the number.

– You can lean back for comfort. But when the plane takes off or landing you have to back seat straight, do not use electronic equipment. Each seat has its own control button, call button attendants. When the plane takes off or landed, go into shock (there will be a warning light), you must wear a safety belt.

3.6.The procedure for taking Cam Ranh airport

Your luggage will be put on the line. There are many transmission lines are numbered or written on the electronic board you can see to know what line of wire.

In case your item is lost, you should notify the lost / lost office or contact the airline you were flying at at the airport and issue a luggage ticket corresponding to the baggage allowance. If you go out of this area without declaring lost / lost information, you can not go into the complaint again.

∇Table of Content

4.Transportation from Cam Ranh airport to Nha Trang

How far is Cam Ranh-Nha Trang Airport from the city?

This is the most common question asked. The table below  provide the distance from Cam Ranh Airport to some places to help you calculate the time for your travel itinerary.

Cam Ranh Airport – Cam Ranh City


Cam Ranh Airport – Nha Trang City


Cam Ranh Airport – Ninh Hoa Town


Cam Ranh Airport – Can Lam District


Cam Ranh Airport – Dien Khanh District


Cam Ranh Airport – Khanh Son District


Cam Ranh Airport – Khanh Vinh District


You can choose one of the following 3 vehicles to travel from Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang

  • Cam Ranh Airport Taxi:

Airport Taxi is available from 300.000 to 350.00 VND / trip. You can move outside the airport to select some taxi companies with the price of 200,000-250,000 VND / trip :

In addition, since May 2016, tourists can use the cheap taxi service of DichungTaxi Cam Ranh airport with the price of only 150,000 VND for sharing taxi and 220,000 VND for private taxi. 

  • Bus 18: Cam Ranh – Nha Trang

Ticket prices are as follows: from 0 to 10km: 10,000 VND / time; from 10 to 20km: 20,000VND / visit; from 20 to 30km: 30,000 VND / time; Total: 50,000 VND / time. Full month price is 600,000 VND / month.

  • Cam Ranh airport bus.

You can refer to the detailed articles on routes, prices and trips at the article


5. Contact information:

Cam Ranh International Airport

Address: Cam Ranh Airport, Cam Nghia Ward, Cam Ranh, T. Khanh Hoa


Orange airport telephone number: 058.3989918

Fax: 058.3989908

Executive Committee: 058.3989956

Air Security Department: 058.3989932

Bay Navigation Office: 058.3989909.


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