Top 6 places to see in Phu Quoc

Updated: 23/5/2018             

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Phú Quốc island and its beaches was voted to be "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Beach of the World" by ABC News. Phu Quoc is well-knowned for stunning beaches, untouched natural environment, the easy going and relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling. Let's exporing 6 tourist destinations that draw a huge number of domestic and foreign visitors by its glorious landscape and food.

Phu Quoc- Ngoc Island 

Many people choose Phu Quoc as their wanted-visiting destination, so what to do in Nha Trang? In this blog, Dichungtaxi will give you some useful information about Phu Quoc tourist sites and interests.

1. Ho Quoc Pagoda

The Ho Quoc Pagoda  which is an architectural wonder and one of the masterpieces of Phu Quoc, was inspired by Mayahana architecture and is part Buddhist temple, past monastery, and part eco-tourism site. The temple has been periodically modenized every year and is in a constant condition of construction having an area of nearly 110 hectares and as of 2017, its area has been developed to 13%. 

Ho Quoc Pagoda is the ideal point of tourists every occasion to visit the island because of its beautiful scenery and cool climate that also attracts a lot of tourists and monks, Buddhists to visit and Buddhist ceremonies. Locals and tourists come here offering incense in the holidays and relaxing retreat after hours of labor tension.

The main gate of Ho Quoc Pagoda

  • The opening hour is from 5AM – 5PM, the suggested time to visit is 5AM in early morning cause this is one of the best places to watch the sunrise in Phu Quoc. This temple has various Buddha statues, statue of the “Goddess of Mercy”, and a giant bell is the outstanding statue you should visit. 

2. Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison serves as a bleak reminder of Vietnam’s turbulent past, where thousands people were imprisoned and tortured during the Vietnam War. Also called Coconut Tree Prison, this war museum now houses authentic torture instruments, photographs of former detainees and exhibits of brutal punishments. Built in 1949 by French colonists, it is believed to have detained over 40,000 Vietnamese soldiers and political figures who have opposed both French and American forces. After the end of the Indochina War, most of the prisoners were released to their families but developed physical and mental disabilities due to the barbaric tortures of Phu Quoc Prison.

You can learn about war crime of American imperialism as well as the severe pains Vietnamese prisoners suffering in the past. The lively statues and exhibits like torture tools or spiked cages were set up to help tourists have a closest view and understanding of history. 

  • the opening hour is from 7:30 AM- 5PM. Coming to Phu Quoc prison, you can witness many torture tools such as the “Catso Tiger cage” which was used to capture the prisoners inside.Besides, there are more torturing activities like boiling people till death or bury alive prisoners.

3. Waterfall Tranh Stream

Tranh Waterfall is the best place for a refreshing fresh water dip. This 15km long stream which originates from Ham Ninh Mountain flows through diverse terrain in the forests to create beautiful waterfalls. Follow the shady path up the hill and alongside the stream until you reach the falls. It’s a pleasant walk and you can cool off with a dip. The waterfall draws visitors because of its natural beauty, and many tourists choose to swim and bathe in the park's waterfalls.

White waterfalls flowing down in the greenery of the forest certainly draw a picturesque scene in front of the tourists’  eyes. 

Stream Waterfall 

  • Opening hour from 7am to 9pm,  Once you get there, however, you have the option of diving into the clear cool stream where the whole place has a lovely ambience

4. Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Nestled by Ham Ninh Mountain Range, the Ham Ninh Region is famous for its fishing village, floating restaurants, mountain trekking, pictureque streams, and seafood. Unlike other Phu Quoc's communes, Phu Quoc' long shores are blessed with a vast sea grass bed that was once home to the beatiful Dugong (sea mermaid).

Ham Ninh Fishing Village is an ideal locale for foreign visitors looking to experience the daily life of local fishermen as well as authentic regional dishes at affordable prices with main sources of income include diving for pearls and sea cucumbers, fishing and, in recent years, selling handmade souvenirs and seafood delicacies to tourists

Source: Internet

Source: Internet

The ideal time to enjoy the stunning beauty of Ham Ninh beach is in early morning or when the moonlight shine above the surface of the sea late at night. The seafood in Ham Ninh are also very great such as crab, sentinel-crab, lobster, squid, etc.

5. Sao Beach

Phu Quoc pearl Island warmly welcomes tourists with blue sea, white sand and gold sun to have a chance to discover beautiful beaches scattering around the island, such as Truong (Long) Beach, Kem Beach, Ghenh Dau… Particularly, Sao Beach deserves as one of the most appealing attractions in Phu Quoc. According to the locals here, the reason why the beach called "Bai Sao Beach" is that there are tens of thousands of starfishes moving into the shores as well as under the water surface every night when the dusk falls discovering Sao Beach is one of the memorable things to do in Phu Quoc.

Sao Beach located on the eastern side of the southern tip, a short drive from the French colonial prison that’s now a spooky museum. This beach is busy during the tourism season because of its popular blue sea and white sand, but, even with the crowds, you’ll still love the stunning views.

Sao Beach is probably a tourist site the couples or the families loving private and tranquil space choose to rest and relax on the swaying hammocks and gradually immerse in sweet sleep. 

6. Dinh Cau Night market 

Dinh Cau Night Market attracts most visitors in the evening. Dinh Cau Night Market has two distinct areas. Stands of souvenirs, handicrafts, cosmetics, jewelries and Phu Quoc pearls are lined at the end of the market with Phu Quoc specialties like Phu Quoc fish sauce, pepper, Sim wine, and fried seafood are sold in this area.

Back to the beginning of this market, this is the most attractive area with many stands selling delicious food which is processed from fresh seafood. It is also the focal point, creating a strong impression to visitors when popping in the night market, because the dishes here are prepared or baked on the spot. Perhaps so, seafood is always delicious, attractive and retains fresh quality. Live fish, sea snails, crabs and scallops are kept in large tanks with prices listed on the board in front of every booth. To order, just choose whichever strikes your fancy before taking your seat at the makeshift dining section. And perhaps, in the mainland, rarely does such market exist and sell diversified seafood as Dinh Cau Night Market.

  • The market is open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., even 10 p.m. The night market would be such a lively place at night with the constant smell of cooked BBQ and grilled seafood so you will be absolutely enjoy the night atmosphere as well as the food here.

Dichungtaxi hope you get all information needed to start your journey now. Wish you a safe and save trip. 

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