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In our blog selection you can find information on Vietnam and how to get a visa to enter the country. You can discover which places you prefer to visit and the recommended seasons to visit. We provide information on the transports (and airline companies operating in Vietnam) and accommodations too. You will know which mobile providers you can use in which region and the cost of living in the daily life. Need a few basic Vietnamese words? Need tips to know which banks has the lowest commission fee? But also where to find original handicraft? which city has a good nightlife? Which museum and monuments are free ? What type of food you absolutely have to try?

We can help you plan your trip in many cities in Vietnam and organize your airport transport:

Ho Chi Minh
Da Nang
Da Lat
Nha Trang
Phu Quoc
Can Tho

In Hanoi: 

– Find your airport transfer: Hanoi (Noi Bai Airport)
– Want to have a tour of the city: Hanoi (Tours)

Intercity transfer from Hanoi: 
– to Halong Bay: Halong Bay (Transfer)
– to Sapa: Hanoi to Sapa (Transfer)
– to Ba Be National Park: Hanoi to Ba Be National Park (Transfer)
– to Nam Dinh: Hanoi to Nam Dinh (Transfer)
– to Ninh Binh: Hanoi to Ninh Binh (Transfer)
– to Thai Binh: Hanoi to Thai Binh (Transfer)
– to Thanh Hoa: Hanoi to Thanh Hoa (Transfer)
– to Ha Giang: Hanoi to Ha Giang (Transfer)
– to Ba Be Lake: Hanoi to Ba Be Lake (Transfer)
– to Hai Duong: Hanoi to Hai Duong (Transfer)
– to Hai Phuong: Hanoi to Hai Phuong (Transfer)
– to Mai Chau: Hanoi to Mai Chau (Transfer)
– to Phong Nha (Quang Binh): Hanoi to Phong Nha (Transfer)
– to Nghe An (Sen Village): Hanoi to Nghe An (Transfer)

In Ho Chi Minh: 

Airport transfer from Tan Son Nhat Airport: 
– to City Center
– to Mien Dong Bus Station 
– to Cho Lon Bus Station
– to Mien Tay Bus Station
– to Ben Thanh Market

Discover Ho Chi Minh and its surrondings with DichungTaxi's Tours:
– Want to have a tour of the city: Ho Chi Minh (Tours)
– Want to have a tour of the city and Vung Tau: Ho Chi Minh-Vung Tau (Tours)
– Want to have a tour of Mui Né: Mui Né (Tours)
– Discover the surrondings of Ho Chi Minh City: Cu Chi tunnels & Cao Dai Temple (Tour)

Intercity transfer from Ho Chi Minh: 
– to Can Tho: Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho (Transfer)
– to Cat Tien: Ho Chi Minh to Cat Tien (Transfer)
– to Da Lat: Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat (Transfer)
– to Vung Tau: Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau (Transfer)
– to Can Gio: Ho Chi Minh to Can Gio (Transfer)
– to Bien Hoa: Ho Chi Minh to Bien Hoa (Transfer)
– to Dong Thap: Ho Chi Minh to Dong Thap (Transfer)
– to My Tho: Ho Chi Minh to My Tho (Transfer)
– to Mui Né: Ho Chi Minh to Mui Né (Transfer)
– to Chau Doc: Ho Chi Minh to Chau Doc (Transfer)
– to Tay Ninh: Ho Chi Minh to Tay Ninh (Transfer)
– to Giang Dien Waterfall: Ho Chi Minh to Giang Dien Waterfall (Transfer)

– Go out in the night: Ho Chi Minh (Night Life)
– Take the bus at Tan Son Nhat Airport: Tan Son Nhat Airport (Bus) 
– Get information about Tan Son Nhat Airport: Ho Chi Minh (Airport Information)

In Da Nang: 

– Find your airport transfer: Da Nang (Da Nang Airport)

Discover Da Nang and its surrondings with DichungTaxi's Tours:
– Tour 1 Da Nang and Hué (Day Tour) ;
– Tour 2 Da Nang and Hoi An (Day Tour) ;
– Tour 3 Da Nang, Bana Hills and Hué (Day Tour)

Intercity transfer from Da Nang: 
– to Ba Na Hills: Da Nang to Ba Na Hills (Transfer)
– to Hoi An: Da Nang to Hoi An (Transfer)
– to Hué: Da Nang to Hué (Transfer)
– to My Son Sanctuary: Da Nang to My Son Sanctuary (Transfer)
– to Train Station: Da Nang to Train Station (Transfer)
– to Ha Long: Da Nang to Ha Long (Transfer)

– Eat the best food: Da Nang (Best Dishes)
– Sleep in the best hotels: Da Nang (Best Accomodations)
– See what to visit: Da Nang (Best Places)
– Visit the city: Da Nang (Travel Guide)
– Get information about Da Nang Airport: Da Nang (Airport information)

In Da Lat

– Find your airport transfer: Da Lat (Lieu Khuong Airport)
– Want to have a tour of the city: Da Lat (Tours)
– Go to Buon Ma Thuot from Da Lat: Da Lat to Buon Ma Thuot (Transfer)

– Drink the best coffee: Da Lat (Coffee Shops)
– Discover the city: Da Lat (Travel Guide)
– Eat the best food: Da Lat (Best Restaurants)

In Nha Trang

– Find your airport transfer: Nha Trang (Cam Ranh Airport)
– Want to have a tour of the city: Nha Trang (Tours)

– Discover the city: Nha Trang (Travel Guide)
– Take the bus in the city : Nha Trang (Bus)
– Get information about Nha Trang Airport: Nha Trang (Airport information)
– Eat in Nha Trang: Nha Trang (Food)
– Best places to see in Nha Trang: Nha Trang (Tourism)

Intercity transfer from Nha Trang: 
– to Da Lat: Nha Trang to Da Lat (Transfer)
– to Buon Ma Thuot: Nha Trang to Buon Ma Thuot (Transfer)
– to Mui Né: Nha Trang to Mui Né (Transfer)
– to Binh Ba Islands: Nha Trang to Binh Ba Islands (Transfer)

In Phu Quoc

– Find your airport transfer: Phu Quoc (Phu Quoc Airport)
– Get to this island: Phu Quoc (Transfer to Island)
– Take local transportation: Phu Quoc (Transportation)
– Discover the city: Phu Quoc (Travel Guide)
– Want to have a tour of the city: Phu Quoc (Tours)
– Get information about Phu Quoc Airport: Phu Quoc (Airport information)

In Hué

– Find your airport transfer: Hue (Phu Bai Airport)
– Want to have a tour of the city: Hue (Tours)
– Go to Hoi An from Hué: Hué to Hoi An (Transfer)
– Get informations about Hué Airport: Hué (Airport information)

In Can Tho

– Find your airport transfer: Can Tho (Sân bay Quốc tế Airport)
– Know more about taxis in Can Tho: Can Tho (Taxis)

We Hope you will enjoy your stay in Vietnam!

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