Enjoy Christmas and New Year at Sapa Winter Festival.

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Sapa (Sa Pa) is one of the most attractive tourism destinations of Vietnam. Sapa is an incredibly mountainous town that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in northwestern Vietnam, known as "the Tonkinese Alps". 

It is also known as the only town which has snow in Vietnam. This town would be an ideal place for who love the cold weather and want to see snow because Sapa is foggy city and usually has snowfall in winter.  


Winter is one of the best time to visit Sapa because in winter Sapa town looks like a "Europe miniature". 

As predicted about Sapa weather, Sapa's temperature in winter 2017 will be the coldest among 100 years before, the possibility of high snow or snow white snow mountains. This would be an interesting experience for who has seen snow before. 

Come to Sapa in December, you will be attending the "Sapa Winter Festival" – this is the second year the festival is held.


According to the information from the People's Committee of Sapa, "Sapa Winter Festival" will be held from early November 2017 until the end of January 3 2018, but is pressed on two key points: 22-24 December (Christmas Carols) and 29-31 / 12 (New Year holiday) with the extremely unique program "Snow Discovery" (scheduled to take place on December 23).


At the Snow Discovery program (23/12), you will play games with snow, take many amazing pictures and check-in between the immense snow region… Besides that, there would be a snow spray activity, which makes the program more fun.

Moreover, don't miss these outstanding art activities such as love dual singing; performing folk musical instruments; Folk games as well as Sapa cuisine…


In addition, you can also visit places such as Ham Rong, Silver Falls, ancient stone church, or Muong Hoa valley…


Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw) Moutain is an attractive tourist area in the center of Sapa town – shaped like a dragon’s head dimly looming in the thin veil of the early morning. When climbing up the mountain, there are beautiful scenery such as orchid garden, unique old roses garden and you will get a chance to have see mist-covered mountains.


Muong Hoa valley – the best Sapa valley in this season will no longer be the yellow color of the rice fields. Instead of that, it would be covered with snow and ice of winter. Winter has brought a new look for the scene here.

In addition, people often celebrate Christmas at the biggest and most famous ancient stone church of Sapa that designed according to unique Europe architecture, definitely make you feel as though you were standing in somewhere of France. Hence, your emotion as well as Christmas and New Year atmosphere will become more enjoyable and fascinating. With its romantically picturesque landscape, tourists will be fascinated and do not want to leave Sapa…

*A small note to you is that these days the number of tourists to Sapa is extremely crowded. So, if you have planned to come to Sapa at this time, please prebook your car, your hotel and prebook your trip.


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