Thanh Hoa Vietnam Travel Guide

Thanh Hoa contains quite a lot of beautiful tourist sites that you can. We would like to share some information for the trip to Thanh Hoa.

Moved from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is about 150km from Hanoi, Giap Bat, Luong Yen. It is about 70000 – 120000vnds (depending on the quality) and takes about 5 hours to arrive Sam Son.

With a distance of 150km is quite suitable for a fun trip with a motorcycle.

Or you can go to Hanoi Railway Station or Long Bien Railway Station to train to Thanh Hoa Station, the price of copper knife from 70000vnd to 150000 (depending on the quality).

If you have a holiday in Thanh Hoa or you want to go to hometown, you can use the sharing service of dichungtaxi.


How to move in Thanh Hoa?

If you go to somewhere near, you should walk.

If you go farther, you can take a taxi, cyclo or tram, but make sure that you know the distance of your destination, if not, ask locals.

What to eat?

Some dishes you should try when coming to Sam Son: Nem chua, rolls, eel soup, stuffed meat

Note: Whatever you eat, where to eat, before ordering you should ask for the price.

Where to stay?

Booking at tourist destinations is difficult on holidays. If you want to have a room, please book before you go (the sooner the cheaper).

Price is range from 400,000 – 800,000 VND / night with fully air-conditioned room, TV, refrigerator, …


Sầm Sơn Beach

Sam Son is located in the east of Thanh Hoa province, about 16 km from Thanh Hoa city.

Come to Sam Son, the first thing you have to do is enjoy the beach. You can watch the sunrise at sea or join the fisherman early in the morning.

In Sam Son, there are many attractions such as Truong Le Mountain, Thuy Tien Cung, Sam Son Market or go to the ecotourism area (near Van Chai Resort), go fishing, shrimp …

If you want some party, then you can go to live music stalls (Children’s Festival in B beach or some other restaurants in beach C). You can register to give each other songs freely, dancing jubilantly. 

Hải Tiến Beach

Hai Tien is a new tourist destination in Thanh Hoa, not far from Sam Son beach, 180km from Hanoi capital, the city center. Beside immersed in the clear blue water, walking on the beach and exploring the Casuarina forest, you can also visit the famous historical sites such as Thanh Hoa Pagoda, Temples such as To Hien Temple , Temple Quynh Quynh …

From the beach, you can upstream the Ma River to visit Lach Hoi, Con Truong where there are forests, poor parrots; By the Nguyet Vien wharf, Ham Rong wharf to visit Ngoc Mountain, Rong Mountain, Tien Son Cave, Kim Quy Lake … On the Ma River, visitors can listen to the characteristic features of Thanh folk songs, enjoy food culture of the river.

Some dishes you try when coming to Hai Tien beach like Ha Yen shrimp sauce, sesame penguins, Tu Tru gai cake ..

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located in Ba Thuoc and Quan Hoa districts, in the northwest of Thanh Hoa province, 130 km northwest of Thanh Hoa.

This place is very suitable for you to go back-packing. You go from Thanh Hoa city to the northwest, go along the Ho Chi Minh trail, turn right in Cam Thuy town, you will meet 15C road in Canh Nang town, turn to 15C and go about 10km and welcome to Pu Luong.

What to visit in Pu Luong?

Conquer Pu Luong peak on 1,700m. You can watch the whole poetic landscape of the mountains, forests, valleys at the foot of the mountain and enjoy the sense of victory conquering glory.

The trip to Son – Ba – Muoi mountain: you have to go through the Nanh, Trinh, Hin, Bo along the mountain ramp up very hard to reach this peaceful place like picturesque.

Kho Muong: you will discover the cultural characteristics, where there are peaceful, simple vilages.

Hieu River Waterfall: On the way from Pho Doan town, you can see many Thai-style waterways. Through the suspension bridge, cross the slope on the hill you will have to be happy when catching the Hieu waterfalls are cheerful flowing.

Pho Dau Market: If you go on Thursdays or Sundays, go to market Pho Dau market, where the exchange of highland produce is very interesting land and people with self-sufficiency commodities such as land wine, wine, wild vegetables, insects, fresh fruits …

Or you can join in the high life (Thai people, Muong) enjoy the dance stalls, dancing spread, singing and “drunk” with the Thai dance graceful.

If you want a relaxing place to stay, stay away from the hustle and bustle of life. You should visit rest at Pu Luong Retreat.

May Waterfall

May Waterfall falls down from the top of Thach Lam mountain, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province at an altitude of about 100m, with nine nine steps cascading over each other to form soft water as the wavy line of a white silk strip.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of this place, you can camp overnight at the falls or ask for a stay at the house floor, 50000vnd / person / night, 10000vnd / car parking. There are no travel services so you should prepare food to take offline.

May Waterfall and Fish Stream are a great combination. The view of the two sides of the beautiful soul will dissipate all your tired

Ho Dynasty

The Ho Dynasty (also known as Tay Do, An Mon, West or West) is the capital city of Dai Ngu (the national name of Vietnam during the Ho Dynasty), built on the territory of the two villages of Tay Giai, Xuan Giai now belongs to Vinh Tien commune and Dong Mon village, now in Vinh Long commune, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province.

This is a permanent citadel with unique architecture of rare rocks in Vietnam, the most valuable and unique in Southeast Asia and one of the few remaining stone ramparts on. world.

In 2011, Ho Lake was recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

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