Vietnam Visa for Chinese

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Vietnam Visa For Chinese

There are three ways to obtain a Vietnam visa for chinese citizens:

1/ Electronic visa (e-visa)
2/ Visa on arrival
3/ Visa at the embassy

1/ E-visa


30 days maximum, single entry


– One 4×6 passport photo in .jpg format with a white background, without glasses

– One photo in .jpg format of your passport data page

– Passport valid for at least six months

– Your temporary address in Vietnam
– Points of entry and exit

– Debit or credit card for payment


USD $25 to $45 depending of the emergency of your request, non-refundable

Processing time

3 working days (less in case of emergency)

Entry ports

28 entry ports, including 8 airports, 7 seaports and 13 international border gates in Vietnam


– Allows you 30 days maximum to visit the country

– It is a single entry visa

– Only for tourist visa and works for 40 nationalities

– non- refundable if your visa application is refused.

– As E-visa is new since 1 february 2008, some immigration staff may have not been aware and may refuse it ;

– You can not extend an e-visa

– You have to determine your arrival port before when applying for the e-visa.

How to apply ? Here is the official website of the vietnamese’s government:

2/ Visa on arrival


1 month or 3 months single or multiple entry, 6 months or 1 year multiple entry


– Your passport
– Two passport photos
– The visa approval
– The stamp fee.
You have to apply online to get a visa approval letter that you will receive by email, pay the processing service fee, and then get visa stamp when you arrive in Vietnam by the immigration staff.


1 month 1 entry $21 / 3 months 1 entry $34, 1 month multiple entry $26 / 3 months multiple entry $55 ; 6 months $95, 1 year $135
Price can change depending of your request (normal or emergency)

Processing time

To obtain the Visa Approval letter, you will wait 2 hours if you take the emergency service or 2 working days for the normal service.

Entry ports

6 international airports in Vietnam


– You may wait between 30 minutes to 1 hour if many visitors are asking for visa on arrival like you.
– Only available when you arrive to Vietnam by air.

How to apply ? Here is the official website of the vietnamese’s government:

3/ Visa at the embassy


Depends on your request


– Passport with at least six months’ validity
– Two blank pages in your passport
– A completed immigration form
– Visa approval letter by Vietnam Immigration Department
– Two passport photos
– The stamping fee (around USD $80).


The visa fee charged by the embassy vary from one to one, you should contact directly the embassy for more details. The fees can be refundable if you application is not accepted.

Processing time

Depends from one embassy to another. 5 to 7 days in average.

Entry ports



– Visa fees, processing time and procedures can vary depending the Vietnam embassy you choose.

– You have to go to the embassy 2 times (to drop off and pick up your visa) so it is not convenient if you live far away from the embassy

How to apply? Here are all the vietnamese embassies in China:

Vietnamese Embassy in Beijing, China
Address: No. 32, Guang Hua Lu, Jian Guo Men Wai , Postal Code: 100600 , Beijing, China
Phone: (+86) (10) 6532 1155
Fax: (+86) (10) 6532 5720

Vietnamese Consulate in Guangzhou, China
Address: Hotel Landmark B building north 2nd floor, Qiaoguang rd (Haizhu square), Guangzhou, China
Phone: (+86) (20) 8330 5916

Vietnamese Consulate in Kun Ming, China
Address: No. 507, HongTa Mansion, 1 No. 155 Beijing Road, Kunming, China
Phone: (+86) (871) 352 2669


Vietnamese Consulate in Nanning, China
Address: 1st Floor, Investment Plaza, 109 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, China
Phone: (+86) (77) 1551 0561 / 2

Vietnamese Consulate in Shanghai, China
Address: 900 Pudong Da Dao, 3rd Floor Pudong, Shanghai, China
Phone: (+86) 21 6855 5871


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