45 most common Vietnamese Words and Phrases for Traveling

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Today, DiChung Taxi will give you a list of 45 most common Vietnamese Words and Phrases. It’s suitable for everyone who go to Vietnam for a business, travel or simply to get to know the area better.

But firstly, you need to pay attention the below things.

  • Pronunciations can vary significantly within Vietnam, especially northern vs. southern (there are 3 dialects north, central and south).
  • Age of the person you talking too in relation you is important to note in vietnam, a complex system of words is used to addres people.

If you wish to start learning about these differences, watch this following video (14") or skip this part…

Let’s begin

PART 1: Numbers:

(English – Vietnamese)

1: một (mot)

2: hai (hi)

3: ba (ba)

4: bốn (bón)

5: năm (numb)

6: sáu (sów)

7: bảy (bay)

8: tám (túm)

9: chín (jín)

10: mười (mù – ee)

1x: mười + x ( 1,2,3,4…9). Example, 12: mười hai (mù-ee hi)

x0: (1,2,…,9) + mươi. EX, 30: ba mươi (ba muoi)

X00: (1,2,…,9) + trăm. Example, 200: hai trăm (hi trum)

X000: (1,2,…9) + nghìn. Example, 2000: hai nghìn (hi nghin)

PART 2: Basic Greetings

(English – Vietnamese)

  1. Hello! – Xin chào! (sin chow!)
  2. Goodbye – Tạm Biệt (Tam Biet)
  3. How are you? – Bạn có khỏe không? (ban co kwe khome?)
  4. I'm fine, thank you! – Cảm ơn bạn, tôi khỏe (gahm un ban, thoy kwe)
  5. And you? – Bạn thì sao? (ban thii sao?)
  6. What's your name? – Bạn tên gì (ban thane zee?)
  7. My name is… – Tôi là (thoy la…)
  8. Thank you – Xin Cảm ơn (sin gahm un)
  9. You're welcome – Không có gì (khom go zee)
  10. Yes – Vâng (vung)
  11. No – Không (khome)
  12. Excuse me/Sorry… – Xin lỗi (seen loy)
  13. Can you help me? – Bạn giúp tôi được không? (ban zoop thoy duc khome?)

PART 3: Shopping/Hotel/Restaurant

(English – Vietnamese)

  1. I'd like to eat  – Tôi muốn ăn (thoy moowan un)
  2. I'd like to drink – Toi muốn uống (thoy moowan oowanh)
  3. Good – Tốt (thote)
  4. Bad – Không tốt (khome thote)
  5. What is this? – Cái này là gì (guy nai la zee)
  6. How much – Bao nhiêu (bow nyew)
  7. Too expensive – Mắc quá (mahk qwa)
  8. Hot – Nóng (nom)
  9. Cold – Lạnh (lang)
  10. Coffee – Cà phê (cah feh)
  11. Hot black coffee – Cà phê nóng (cah feh nom)
  12. Hot Coffee with milk – Cà phê sữa nóng (cah feh sua nom)
  13. Tea – Trà (chah)
  14. Where is the ATM ?- Cay ATM o dau
  15. Where is the nearest internet shop – Chỗ internet ở đâu? (choh internet uh doh?)
  16. Where is the nearest bank – Nhà băng ở đâu (nya bung uh doh)
  17. Hotel  – Khách Sạn (khack san)
  18. I like – Tôi thích (thoy tick)
  19. I am happy – Toi vui (thoy vuoy)
  20. I am tired – Toi met (thoy mate)


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