Where to celebrate Christmas day in Ho Chi Minh city?

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Are you still wondering where to go for Christmas day in Ho Chi Minh city? Then let’s take a look at this…

In early December, Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon‘s streets will be decorated with colorful Christmas and New Year items. Christmas songs will also be turned on in somewhere to create the Christmas atmosphere. At night, all of Saigon streets are more bright and colorful with the stunning lights, which attract a lot of visitors.

These are best places to spend Christmas day in Ho Chi Minh city:

1. Takashimaya Saigon Centre

Takashimaya Saigon Centre
Takashimaya Saigon Centre (Source: ivivu)

Christmas Decorations inside Takashimaya
Colorful Christmas Decorations inside Takashimaya (Source: Internet)

Unique Christmas tree
Unique Christmas tree (Source: @miho_pf)

Takashimaya is one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in downtown. This mall is a Japanese Department Store which enhance the high-class shopping experience. This place always bring to visitors fancy feeling with modern furniture and special design.

2. Diamond Plaza

Diamond Christmas decorations
Diamond Plaza's Christmas decorations (Source: Internet)

Diamond Plaza's stunning lights at night
Diamond Plaza's stunning lights at night (Source: Internet)

Diamond Plaza which located in city center, is always one of the best places for who love taking pictures every Christmas season. By being decorated with sparking lights, colorful Christmas and New Year items, this shopping center attracts many visitors to take pictures and check-in.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral
Source: @theannoyingtrang

Source: infographic24h

Notre Dame Cathedral at night
Notre Dame Cathedral at night (Source: camnang.online)

This church is always on the must see list when tourists visit Ho Chi Minh city. The Saigon Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception was built between 1863 and 1880 under the French colonists. They used only building materials imported from France; it has a red brick exterior which came from Marseilles and stained glass from Chartres Province in France. The church has an overall neo-Romanesque design. It is absolutely stunning building in the center of Ho Chi Minh city.

4. Tan Dinh Catholic Church (Pink Church)

Tan Dinh Catholic Church
Source: @itsok__imhere

Tan Dinh Catherol
Source: @brainopera

Another hight-light of Ho Chi Minh city is Tan Dinh Catholic Church. It wins visitors' heart from the first sight with its dazzling architecture and sculptured patterns. This beautiful and gorgeous church is worth to visit in Christmas Eve.

5. Bui Vien Walking Street

Bui Vien Walking Street
Bui Vien Walking Street (Source: @yamzac)

Bui Vien Walking Street
Source: Internet

Bui Vien walking street includes many bars and restaurants where guests can sit on the pavement without obstruction, chatting with friends and enjoying some delicious desserts.This place is very popular with both domestic foreign visitors. It is even called "street of foreigners".

Besides that. there is also a "Countdown" festival at night that you can join to welcome a Merry Christmas and warm New Year season with citizens.

Countdown Party
Countdown Party (Source: AmazingNewLife)

Unlike most of Western nations where Christmas is the time for family members gathering, local people here would prefer to flock to the city center to admire festive atmosphere. Therefore, to remind you that, on these days of Christmas, it would be very crowded at these places. 



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