Which Vietnam Visa You Can Choose?


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Which Vietnam Visa you can choose?

The table below will show you which kind of visa you should take for your trip in Vietnam. 


Visa exemption

Visa on arrival


Visa at the embassy

 Why   choose   this   visa

  You want to visit Vietnam between 14 to 30     maximum and your nationality is eligible to apply for  this visa

  You want to stay for touristic,   family or business reasons,   between 1 to 12 months in   Vietnam

  You want to visit Vietnam for 30   maximum with a single entry in    the   country

  You live near the embassy, you want to   be stamp before your arrival and you want   a  specific visa.

  Pros      (+)

  – Easiest way to visit Vietnam
  – No document need except your passport and no   fees

  –  Allows you many options as   single or multiple entry visa and    different amount of days to stay
  – Simple, fast and clear process
  – Refundable if your visa application is refused.

  – 28 entry gates
  – Simple, fast and clear process

  – You can come to the country by any types of transportation
  – Refundable if your visa application is refused.

   Cons    (-)

  – Only available for some nationalities
  – Only one entry in the country, if you leave and   want to come back, or you will have to wait another   month to go without a visa or you will have to ask for  a visa

 – You can wait a long time to get   your stamp on your visa if many   visitors arrive at the same time as   you.
  – You can only entry to the   country by air and through only 6   airports
  – Really fast (2 working days for   normal procedure / 1 if     emergency)
  – The application for the visa on   arrival must go through   authorized  travel agencies.

  – Allows you 30 days maximum to   visit the country
  – It is a single entry visa
  – Only for tourist visa and works   for 40 nationalities
 – non- refundable if your visa   application is refused.
 – As E-visa is new since 1 february   2008, some immigration staff may   have not been aware and may   refuse it ;
  – You can not extend an e-visa
  – You have to determine your   arrival port before when applying   for the e-visa.

 – Visa fees, processing time and   procedures can vary depending the   Vietnam embassy you choose.
  – You have to go to the embassy 2 times   (to drop off and pick up your visa) so it is   not convenient if you live far away from the   embassy

>>> We hope that you get enough information and know what kind of visa you should have for your trip in Vietnam <<<

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