Some Tips Help To Avoid Flying Anxiety For Children

Airplanes and babies are wonderful until they meet

I have witnessed a child crying from the end to the end and her mother has to hold and coax it along the path to the end of the flight or a baby obediently throughout the journey and then suddenly testify to run all over the plane and rolled down the aisle. The sounds of tearing like cloth in an overwhelming space, while themselves struggling with pressure relief, or dizziness due to altitude, is a horrible experience for any passenger.

Being a mother with small children will be extremely difficult to think of her angels suddenly become the fear of countless passengers as they run unorganized, screaming madly, stepping on the chair, tearing the hair of people sitting Firstly, say continually ….

To deal with that concern, dichungtaxi has gathered some “tips” for you to have a smooth flight with the tiny members in the family, especially long-haul flights.


1. Choose the night and have a stop

Why fly in the night because according to the biological clock is the sleeping time of the baby. You will no longer worry about your baby because most of the time they will sleep. But be extra careful about whether your child can sleep well on the plane or not, it will be very bad when everyone is napping your baby’s house.

You should always remember your priorities when traveling with young children such as early check-in.

2. How much to prepare?

You should prepare your luggage with enough wet towels, snacks, baby toys, clean clothes for both you and your baby and some preventive medicine. As a baby can pour water, milk or vomit into a friend, it is a disaster to have clean clothes instead.

There are dozens of toys to entice the baby on the plane you should bring your favorite items such as small logos, pens, jigsaw puzzles, notebooks, pencils, game cards. Especially not displayed in front of them as long as you play boring item, get another item instead.

Show them the plane is a miracle

In fact it is a miracle. There are tiny stars, clouds, showing the children what they will not see without the plane. Imitation of pilot or passenger count. Sometimes you do not realize there are countless things you can do on the plane.

4. Prepare for the sick child situation

It’s probably the worst situation you can imagine when you go long distances with young children. But you can take the precaution before you have prepared carefully as you bring some medicine and water is the solution for this situation. Also do not forget to bring some kind of wind oil, and some simple medicine.

5. Compromise with some taboos to “survive”

Iphone, ipad, snack like sweet candy, a little fruit, all will be a good weapon for you to deal with “terrorist chatter”. Do not be too strict in special parenting as you will be preparing for a long flight. Try this and feel the results.

6. Do not forget to take care of yourself

While you are tired of trying to “manage” to help her or her most comfortable, do not forget to make yourself comfortable and comfortable throughout the flight.

Take care of yourself on the plane by drinking enough water, taking a relaxing break when your baby is sleeping, or being looked after by someone else. Maybe you will not want to be a hot-tempered parent who’s tired of naughty kids.

Hope the sharing of will help you have a really comfortable flight.

Source: wanderlust tips

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