Tips to avoid motion sickness in Vietnam

Tips to avoid Motion sickness

Long distance car trip or short trips with many curves on the road (like in the moutains) can become harder to appreciate when the passenger you could be has motion sickness.

The cause of car sickness is that the brain receives conflicting information from the eyes and the vestibule, which is responsible for the balance of the body. If you have experienced car sickness, read below a few tips to ease with this phenomenon.

Avoid reading books on the train

Read while moving vehicles cause motion sickness because of sensory inconsistencies. Your eyes look at the book while your body feels the movement of the car or train, which causes dizziness and nausea.

2° Select the right seat

If you are easy going, suggest to be seated above the ventilation. In the car looking out, you always feel the scenery of the road running backward. The more you look perpendicular to the car, the quicker you run, the more likely you are to be dizzy. So, look straight ahead.

3° Choose the right sitting posture

Avoid sitting down bow (read books, newspapers …) when the train, the car is moving sway. Keep the head straight, slightly back to back. Should look at the scene before the eyes, should not look at the scene along the road because when the train speeding through the view will cause dizziness because the eye is the body signaling the position of the body in space, Pray for the brain. Breathe slowly and deeply. Avoid tobacco smoke. Apply a cold towel to the forehead and neck (90% effective).

4° Do not eat too full

Before and during walking do not eat too much or drink carbonated drinks because they easily cause nausea. Experts recommend snacking, using dry biscuits, breads to suck gastric fluids.

5° Savor lemon, orange, tangerine, ginger, bread

You can smell, sip, suck when nausea. You can also take 1/2 cup peeled sweet potatoes, clean thoroughly, cut small pieces, munching to swallow water can also prevent motion sickness.

Drink ginger water

According to oriental medicine, before leaving for about 30 minutes should use a fresh ginger with the size of thumb, peel off the skin, washed, crushed or chewed and drink with a cup of warm water. During the journey, occasionally should be held in the mouth for a moment.

7° Eat Sweet potato

According to folk experience, take 1/2 of sweet potato peel, clean thoroughly, cut small pieces, munching to swallow water can also prevent motion sickness.

8° Drink warm water mixed with vinegar

Prior to boarding a glass of warm water with vinegar, it can also prevent car sickness. In addition, you can do before getting into the car get a piece of high pain pain paste into the navel, so can prevent further severe car sickness.

Drink soy milk

In case you feel uncomfortable in the stomach due to motion sickness, drink soy milk. This type of food can help relax the stomach and reduce the feeling of dizziness, dizziness. Olive contains tannins, a substance that helps suppress the production of saliva. Therefore, just eat some olives before traveling, you can avoid the feeling of motion sickness.

10° Stay away from the smell of cigarettes or the smell of perfume

Because cigarette smoke will make your car sickness become car sick more so you should suggest that your car should not smoke. You can open the car window to be able to enjoy the fresh air from nature will also help you get better drunk.

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